Oregon Mesa

BRANDing & collateral design

Oregon MESA is an afterschool program that provides access to a STEM education for students traditionally underrepresented in these fields.

Print collateral features bright colors and hopeful imagery that are youthful and gender-neutral. Circuitry patterns are woven throughout the pieces to tie in the story of STEM without taking the focus off the students.


1. Inspiration

Roger That’s inspiration for Oregon MESA visual brand refresh was drawn from the enthusiasm of the middle and high school students involved in the program. Their energy, love of science and math, and camaraderie informed the verbal and visual brand design direction.


4. Color & typography

The color palette for MESA is fun and youthful without being juvenile, an important aspect in appealing to both students and funders. The typography equally incorporates adolescent curiosity and academic sophistication through Museo Sans Rounded and Merriweather, respectively.


5. Final deliverables

Roger That provided Oregon MESA key deliverables to support their fundraising and outreach efforts.

It was a huge relief starting this job knowing the groundwork had been laid. The rebrand and website make it easy to create the right experience for our stakeholders and focus on how to best serve kids.
Tong Zhang - Executive Director , Oregon MESA