Dana Corey

6-Week Brand Sprint

Dana Corey Rebrand and Website

Dana Corey’s business had evolved significantly, but her brand had not evolved with it. As she is in the business of quickly doubling and tripling top- and bottom-line growth for small businesses, her brand needed to reflect the magnitude of her work, while also expressing her personality: fun yet serious, pragmatic yet disruptive, supportive yet challenging—all splashed with liberal doses of woo and irreverence. 

Dana hired Roger That to give her a full rebrand and a new website.

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“I LOVE my brand. It authentically represents who I am as a person and as a high-performance business strategist. How do I know my brand is working for me? My last 3 clients told me they partly hired me because of it.”
Dana Corey - Business Strategist, Trusted Advisor & International Speaker,