Bridge Meadows

6-Week Brand Sprint


When we first talked with Bridge Meadows, they were (and still are) experiencing explosive growth, fast becoming a recognized leader in intergenerational living. The outstanding news was a lot of eyes were on Bridge Meadows. The not-so- outstanding news was that when those eyes were hitting their website, they were met stale and outdated information.

Unfortunately, Bridge Meadow's hands were tied as they could not manage the content on their site. At best they were not making the right first impression and at worst they were losing out on opportunities to connect with investors, partners, media, and more.

Bridge Meadows hired us to give them a brand reboot and new website—and to do it in just 6-weeks.

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"Our website is one of the reasons I wanted to work for Bridge Meadows. It displays our mission in a professional, meaningful way and I knew it would be a powerful fundraising tool. Since starting my new position, it has enabled me to hit the ground running."
Lisa Steenson - Resource Development Director, Bridge Meadows

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